CCI Workshop: Manage Money and Realize Ideas

2017 CCI Workshop

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  • Time: 24 September, 2017
  • Place: Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Oslo (see below for the location on Google map and how to get there by public transportation)
  • Target Audience: Immigrants
  • Organizer: The Competence Center for Immigrants (CCI)

Money and business ideas are very important for anyone and any business although other facts will affect also doing business. How to manage money to gain the best benefit or profits? How to develop new ideas to run the business, and eventually realize them into success? This half-day workshop will address those issues by two experienced experts from an investor's perspective and an entrepreneur's view of point, respectively.

The workshop is free of charge, but all attendees must register online at The deadline of registration is 20th September. Please note that the registration is binding. No show after registration will be charged with the actual expense per person.

Report for seminar ‘Interview technique and tips – putting your best self forward’

The first CCI seminar of 2017 was successfully held June 19th at Litteraturhuset, Oslo. The topic of the seminar was "Interview technique and tips – putting your best self forward", given by the senior career advisor and recruiter Lene Rutle from NES Advantage Solutions. Despite the bad weather and heavy rain, 60 people from 21 different nationalities, registered online or at the place, attended the seminar.

Lene Rutle had two job-seeking seminars for CCI before. Last year, she talked about “Knowledge of Job Hunting”. This time, she mainly concentrated on how to be successful in a job interview as a candidate. She went through each step of an interview with examples and tips: how to do information preparation, communication channels, number of interviews and focus areas in each interview, how to present yourself, common questions, closing of interview, etc. She unveiled what recruiters are really looking for: qualification, consistency in all channels, trustworthiness, insight of strengths and improvements areas, and motivation.

The seminar lasted more than 2 hours without break, but the audience kept high enthusiasm with questions and discussions until the end of the seminar. The atmosphere of the seminar was quite free. After the seminar, many participants even stood in a long queue and waiting to talk with the speaker with their own questions! The feedbacks from the participants were very positive and good. Most of them were well engaged and inspired by the useful advices and tips. They learned a lot from the seminar and were satisfied with the answers from the speaker. Many people asked for more such seminars in the future.