Report for the first CCI seminar ‘Knowledge of Job Hunting’

2016 CCI Seminar 06.06

On 6th June, 2016, CPN (Chinese Professionals in Norway) held a seminar on the topic "Knowledge of Job Hunting" at Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Lene Rutle, who works as senior recruitment and outplacement consultant at Frontica Advantage, was invited by CPN to be the speaker on this topic for the second year running.

Lene Rutle has more than 10 years working experiences as a career advisor and recruiter. She took the job hunting process from a recruiter’s standpoint and unveiled what the recruiters really wanted from the candidates in the job applications and interviews. She illustrated why communication should be the focus point in a job hunting process. With constructive examples and charts, she introduced to the audience a communication framework in the job hunting context - information flowing from the sender/applicant to the recipient/target company, with noise" such as information overload, sub-cultural language barriers to reduce the effectiveness in the process. The sender is responsible for choosing the correct channels, filtering out the noises, and listening to feedbacks to make sure that the receiver has got the right messages. A job seeker will not get a job because how he/she desperately needs that job but how qualified and motivated he/she is.

CCI Seminar: Knowledge of Job Hunting

Monday June 6. 2016 at Litteraturhuset [Registration]

2015 CCI Seminar 2

How to find a dreamed job and to become the best candidate among many applicants in the job-seeking crowd? For a job-seeker with an immigrant background, the situation can be even more challenging, when the unemployment is increasing as the oil price is falling down.

CPN, Chinese Professionals in Norway, arranged a seminar about job seeking in Norway in 2015. We got a lot of good feedback. The attendees were especially interested in the speech entitled ‘How to stand out in the job-seeking crowd?’, given by Ms. Lene Rutle from Frontica. we have invited her again for a seminar to cover more knowledge and skills in the different phases of a job seeking process. She will also address on networking and social media issues of job seeking. All job seekers will benefit from learning such knowledge and skills.