CCI Seminar Report: Norwegian Pension System

Pictures and presentation are attached below.

The second CCI seminar was held on 13th November 2017 at Litteraturhuset. The topic of ‘Norwegian Pension System’ had gained great interests from different immigrant groups. It was a full house in the seminar with more than 80 attendees, who presented over 20 different nationalities.

The composition of pension in Norway is like a puzzle to many people. The regulations and consistence of the pensions are different between companies and institutions in the governmental, private, and other sectors. The presentation given by senior lawyer Tron Dalheim was mainly focused on the pension for the private sector. For the public sector, he mentioned also only for some special conditions.

In summary, the following topics were mostly touched in the seminar:

CCI's Workshop held interactively with satisfaction of attendees!

The second Workshop 'Manage Business Opportunities and Markets'was held in Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo.

The workshop was organized in two parts. The first one is introduction to CCI and CPN and then role playing by discussion and presentation in 6 groups. The second part is speeches presented by Mr Truls Berg and Ms. Sandra Xiao.

Attendees were asked to play two roles: an entrepreneur and a learner. For the first role, they should answer question like below: What kinds of business are you going to choose, and why, If you will start your own business as a Startup soon in Norway? For the second, they should chose some important topics which they would like to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship. The discussion was very well done by all actively engaged attendees. They got to know each other better and shared some interesting ideas in the discussion with inspiration beyond the discussion.

Mr. Berg gave an excited speech about how to manage the business opportunities and shared a very important point, 'New era, new opportunities' led by digitalization although data processing has been with the IT development for many years. He gave further insight on the fields and future development areas for businesses from the global overview to the Norwegian market.

Ms Xiao started her presentation by asking question to the attendees about how your brands would stand out and brands used for daily life from the toothpaste to the dress, and then indicated that brands exist with everyone and everything. She used a concrete example to reveal how the brands have been developed with and by users, and how to understand competition. In the end of group discussion and presentation, each one learned how to communicate between you and others by applying those skills such as rational and emotional principles and influencers as well. This interactive lecture was welcomed and made attendees more engaged in learning new skills.