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People, Businesses and Pleasure - A Happy 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!

By admin - Posted on 29 November 2013

CPN 10 Years

'What a perfect event CPN had!' This was the common reaction from all participants including Norwegians, after the 10-year anniversary party, i.e. 'Bridging People and Businesses' held on at Telenor Expo, 21st Nov.

CPN president, Dr. Xinli Wang opened up the first part of the program by addressing what CPN has done in the past years and welcomed all guests with grateful thanks to H. E. Ambassador Zhao Jun for attending and giving a speech about Chinese dreams; all speakers for their interesting presentations; all distinguished guests, Chinese and Norwegian partners and companies, and CPN members as well for being with this 10-year anniversary celebration.

Second part of the program started by Chinese artists with a beautiful song 'A happy get together', followed by 'My sun', 'Love as tidewater', 'Dragon boat Ditty', 'The ocean is my hometown', Italian song FuliGuLiFuliGula, Beijing ode, Aria Nessun Dorma of Puccini's opera "Turandot". CPN choir came after to the stage with two songs,' Half moon rising', 'I and My Motherland', and Chinese artists joined the choir and sang together. In the end, the song 'A Hymn to my motherland' reached the high moment of the evening, all participants stood up and joined the singing with a proud voice………

The third party program attracted people's eyes, i.e. fashion show. They showed evening dresses and Chinese Qipao in a modern style. This tells that CPN members can do more than work. H. E. Ambassador Zhao Jun and Xinli Wang officially cut the CPN birthday's cake; participants are invited to dinner and drinks. They enjoyed the food and social chats with old and new friends. The night was lasting long with joy….

There were a lot of works to organize such a party, and combining people and businesses with pleasure together. CPN board would thank the following people and their contributions; toast masters, Dr. Liu Gang, Ms. Wen Lanfang and Mr. Cai Dasheng.

Special thanks go to our private sponsors Mr. Haili Yang and other anonym sponsors for offering financial support and enabling the celebration in a better standard. However, most of them don't want to give their names in public; our members who paid extra to support this celebration; Ms. Xu Ying, Ms. Bingbing Liu and Sai Sawrite for being conductors to CPN choir and fashion team; artists from China who made the great show with Chinese and opera songs at a very high level, which allowed all to enjoy the Chinese culture in Norway.

All participants left with smiling, unforgettable memory and rich-contented evening, even a rose to home. They expressed clear message that they are proud of being a member of CPN, a big family for Chinese living in Norway!

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Reported by Xiuhua Zhang, 26 Nov. 2013. Revised 28 Nov.