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Online service

A specially-tailored online service is maintained and provided by experienced CCI personnel, using information gathered from official sources in Norway. The CCI staff consists mainly of elite CPN members who themselves have experienced most of the difficulties that a newcomer will meet. They can thus help the user to find the needed information more quickly.

It is possible to chat with the CCI staff during a defined time slot every working day. The user of this site can also leave a message with questions any time, and the staff of the CCI will try to give feedback later on. But they will not answer any legal or financial questions.

All questions and answers in the “chat room” are open and visible for any visitors. The user should not post any sensitive information here. When you disclose personal information in a way that allows anyone access to it, please note it is possible that your information may be collected or used by a third-party internet user. Please treat your personal information with the utmost care.

The information and advices provided by the CCI are meant for references only. CCI takes NO responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the information. CCI accepts no liability or responsibility to any person or organization as a consequence of any reliance upon the information contained in this Website.

The site of the CCI may contain links to other sites on the internet. CCI is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, and decency of material or copyright compliance of any linked site or services or information provided via any linked site.

CCI has a comprehensive policy to protect the personal information of all users who communicate with the CCI through services on the web site and email messages. CCI does not disclose the personal information of the user to any third party without the user’s consent.

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