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Folk registration, payment, tax

By angeline - Posted on 10 May 2013

Norwegian National Population Register

Within 8 days of arriving in Norway, everyone must go to the Norwegian National Population Register (“Folkeregisteret”) to register themselves. You need to show your passport or other identification papers to the National Population Register. You then will get your personal identity numbers.


You will be paid for your work at regular intervals. Most employers like to pay your wages or salary into your bank account, and you must therefore give your bank account number to your employer.


The tax level in Norway is among the highest in the world. Most of the tax revenue is spent on public services like health services, the operation of hospitals, education and transportation. The Norwegian tax system is based on the principle that everybody should pay tax according to their means.

Tax card

You will receive a tax card from the tax assessment office in your municipality, and the tax assessment office calculates how much tax you need to pay. Contact your tax assessment office before going there, and find out what information they need in order for you to get a tax card. You will receive a new tax card every year. You can also, if necessary, change your tax card during the year.

You must also give your tax card to your employer. Your employer deducts taxes and pension contributions from your wages before you are paid. Your tax card tells your employer how much to deduct.

Tax return

calculation which states how much you have earned over the course of a year. You will receive your tax return for the previous year from your tax assessment office each spring. You must then check that the information it contains is correct, and send it back to the tax assessment office.