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Family immigration

By angeline - Posted on 10 May 2013

If you have close family members who live abroad, they can apply to come and live with you during your stay in Norway. However they have to apply for such a family immigration permit by themselves.

Which family members can be granted family immigration?

  • A spouse or registered partner over the age of 18, when the couple plans to live together in Norway.
  • Cohabitants over the age of 18, when the couple has lived together for at least two years and intends to continue their cohabitation.
  • A cohabitant over the age of 18 who has children with the person in Norway, and the couple intend to continue their cohabitation.
  • Children when both parents have been or will be granted residence permits in Norway.
  • Children who only have one parent resident in Norway. It is a requirement that the parent living in Norway has sole parental responsibility or, if parental responsibility is shared, that the other parent gives his or her consent.
  • Parents may visit their children (regardless of the children’s age) in Norway for up to nine months, either together or separately. It is a requirement that the parents return to their home country after the permit has expired. Note that such parents are not allowed to work in Norway. Parents can travel into and out of Norway for as long as the permit is valid. The permit cannot be renewed, but parents can be granted a new nine-month permit when they have stayed outside Norway for at least one year.

Note that the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) will also consider whether there are strong humanitarian grounds for granting the application for family immigration.

Subsistence requirement

In order for your family to be granted family immigration permits, the person living in Norway is required to be able to provide financial support for the family members applying for family immigration. This means that he or she must document that he or she has a total yearly income corresponding to 88 percent of salary grade 19 in the pay scale for Norwegian state employees, which is increased every year in May. In 2012 this is equal to a yearly, total, documented salary of NOK 242 440 before tax.

Documentatin of income can be:

  • Income from employment -- pay slips for the last three months.
  • sickness benefit, pregnancy benefit, parental benefit, disability pension or retirement pension from the National Insurance Scheme – documented by copies of decisions from NAV and payment slips for the last three months

In addition, for persons, who already have lived and worked in Norway for some time, it is required that he or she must not have received financial support or qualification benefit from the social services (NAV) in the year before his/her family member applies for family immigration. The local NAV office may provide such documentation.

Exceptions: The criteria for financial support does not apply when the applicant is the child of the worker in Norway, and the child is below the age of 15 and has no careers in his/her home country.

Housing requirement

It is also a criteria that the person who is working in Norway has housing with room for you. You document this with proof of purchase or a rental contract for the house/flat.

Renewal of residence permits

If you apply for renewal within a month prior to the expiry of your family immigration permit, you can stay in Norway on the same terms as before until the new application has been processed. For the renewal to be granted, the criteria for the original permit must still be met.

Information for applicants in Oslo

  • Applicants who are applying in Oslo, need to book an appointment online through [ the Application Portal Norway] for handing in their documents. This also applies to those who are getting themselves residence cards.
  • If you are a citizen of one of the Nordic countries, come from a EU, EEC or EFTA-country, or you are a skilled worker, you and your family members can use [ the Service centre for foreign workers in Oslo]. Note one still need to book an online appointment through the Application Portal Norway.