You are hereTo collect and publish job announcements from various channels

To collect and publish job announcements from various channels

To provide more useful help to our new immigrants (as well as to our own members), CPN IMDi Project is going to collect announcements of job opportunities from various channels and publish them on the project website

For various reasons, lot of companies do not publish their vacant positions on public mass media. New immigrants maybe not aware of this or no chance to access to this kind of resources in their job hunting efforts. We are asking help from you, all CPN members, to provide this kind of information to us. We will publish it on our IMDi project website free of charge. Both new immigrants and the employers will benefit from your help.

You can send us:
1. The full vacant position announcement from the employer, either yours or others
2. Link to the full vacant position announcement published on employer's website

We already have most announcements of vacant positions from NAV linked to our website. Generally we do not collect announcements already published on mass media, such as,, etc.

You can send the information to any of these addresses
4. Any CPN board member

Thanks a lot indeed for your help.