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1CCI Seminar Report: Norwegian Pension System2017-11-162017-11-16
2IMDi / KSI 20172017-04-222017-11-16
3Report for seminar ‘Interview technique and tips – putting your best self forward’2017-06-202017-11-16
4CCI Seminar: Interview techniques and tips - putting your best self forward Monday June 19. 2017 at Litteraturhuset (OPEN)2017-05-122017-11-16
5Report of CCI Workshop on Manage Money and Realize Ideas2017-09-292017-11-16
6Photos from Workshop on Manage Money and Realize Ideas2017-10-012017-11-16
729.10 Workshop: Manage Business Opportunities and Markets2017-10-042017-11-16
8Registration for CCI Workshop on Manage Business Opportunities and Markets2017-10-032017-11-16
9Photos from Workshop II: Manage Business Opportunities and Markets2017-11-032017-11-16
10CCI's Workshop held interactively with satisfaction of attendees!2017-11-032017-11-16
11CCI Seminar on: Norwegian Pension System2017-10-172017-11-16
12To register for CCI Seminar: Norwegian Pension System2017-10-172017-11-16
13CCI Workshop: Manage Money and Realize Ideas2017-09-012017-11-05
14CCI Calendar2017-04-222017-11-05
15Workshop: Guidance on Entrepreneurship – Practical Issues2015-10-272017-10-13
16Photos from CCI workshop on Guidance on Entrepreneurship – Practical Issues2015-11-102017-10-13
17Report about the workshop on Guidance on Entrepreneurship – Practical Issues2015-11-102017-10-13
18CCI Seminar: Knowledge of Job Hunting2016-05-012017-10-13
19Report for the first CCI seminar ‘Knowledge of Job Hunting’ 2016-06-172017-10-13
20Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation - 20162016-08-312017-10-13
21Photos from CCI Workshop on Sep. 25th2016-09-262017-10-13
22Report of Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation -20162016-09-292017-10-13
23Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results2016-10-102017-10-13
24Reward to the Best Business Idea/Proposal2016-10-072017-10-13
25CCI Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – How it Works? 2016-10-232017-10-13
26Photos of 2016 CCI Workshop II Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results2016-10-312017-10-13
27Report of CCI Workshop II Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results2016-10-312017-10-13
28Photos from CCI Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – How it Works?2016-11-162017-10-13
29Seminar Report: Employment Protection in Norway – How It Works2016-11-212017-10-13
30Competence Center for Immigrants 20152015-05-292017-10-13
31administrative tools2013-10-212017-09-15
32To register for 2017 CCI Workshop: Manage Money and Realize Ideas2016-10-052017-09-05
34IMDi project calendar2017-04-222017-04-22
35Seminar registration: Employment Protection in Norway – How it works?2016-11-032016-11-14
36IMDi / KSI 20162016-05-012016-11-02
37To register for 2016 CCI Workshop2016-08-252016-10-05
38Q & A to check if it is a human or a robot2016-09-302016-09-30
39administrative tools (out of date)2013-10-212016-09-01
40Registration for CCI Seminar on Knowledge of Job Hunting2016-05-012016-08-31
41Register for 2015 CCI Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation2015-09-302016-08-31
42Handout of Seminar on Job Hunting2016-06-142016-06-14
43CPN Choir (Gathering every two weeks)2012-09-112016-05-02
44Registration for seminar on Employment Protection in Norway – What Are the Basic Rules?2015-05-292016-05-02
45Registration for CCI Workshop II: Guidance on Entrepreneurship – Practical Issues2015-10-222015-11-02
46Photos from 2015 CCI Workshop on 25.102015-10-262015-10-30
47Summary of the workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation2015-10-262015-10-27
48Register for CCI Seminar: Job Seeking in Norway – What Can Make You a Better Candidate? 2015-09-042015-10-27
49CCI Seminar: Job Seeking in Norway – What Can Make You a Better Candidate for the Job?2015-09-042015-10-27
50Photos from the 2015 first CCI Seminar2015-07-032015-10-27
51Report of the first CCI seminar about Employment Protection in Norway 2015-07-032015-10-27
52Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – What Are the Basic Rules?2015-05-292015-10-27
532015 CCI Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation2015-10-042015-10-27
54List of users2015-09-072015-09-07
55Register for CCI Seminar -- “Anti-bullying” (“mot mobbing”)2013-07-182015-05-29
56Job opportunities on CCI2015-04-162015-04-16
57Job opportunities in Beijing2015-04-162015-04-16
58Open positions in Oslo and Akerhus2012-03-112015-04-16
59Clinical Research Associated (CRA) Bergen2015-04-162015-04-16
60Work and residence permits2015-02-032015-02-03
61The 4th. CCI's seminar of 2014 about "anti-bullying" held successfully2014-12-122014-12-15
62A Satisfied Visit to Hadeland Bio-industries2014-09-242014-12-15
63CCI Seminar: “Anti-bullying” (“mot mobbing”)2014-11-192014-12-12
64Best photos of 2014 OXLO photography competition2014-10-292014-12-11
65Voting for 2014 OXLO photography competition opens2014-10-162014-10-20
66OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling 2014 “Oslo-en by for alle”2014-05-152014-10-17
67All candidate photos2014-10-172014-10-17
68CCI Seminar - Norwegian Labor Law and Trade Union2014-10-092014-10-17
69Pictures from "Meeting with Norwegian Industry"2014-09-242014-09-24
70Autumn outdoor photography2014-09-222014-09-22
71First seminar of CCI in 2014 held2014-09-022014-09-12
72A successful ERAS festival again in 20142014-09-022014-09-12
73IMDi 20142014-09-092014-09-10
74Meeting with Norwegian Industry – A visit to Hadeland's Biofarms of bioenergy and waste management 2014-09-022014-09-09
75CCI Seminar: Norwegian Models for Solving Conflicts and Seeking Jobs as Migrants in Norway2014-07-112014-09-09
76Outdoor information meeting for IMDi-project on Saturday 21. June 20142014-06-062014-09-09
772014 The Competence Center for Immigrants (CCI)2014-05-062014-09-09
78Summary for the joint seminar about "raising kids" and "barnevernet" by CPN Junior Club and CPN 2014-01-162014-01-16
79 Bridging People and Businesses! - 10-Year Anniversary of Chinese Professionals in Norway2013-10-232013-11-29
80 People, Businesses and Pleasure - A Happy 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!2013-11-292013-11-29
81Registration for gathering: Bridging People and Businesses!2013-07-182013-11-11
82CPN Junior Club seminar: Raising children in a different culture and society2013-10-242013-10-24
83Samling 3: Møte norsk næringsliv i samarbeid med NFR (21/11)2013-04-172013-10-23
84Seeking Test Persons2013-09-232013-09-26
85Administration assistant2013-09-162013-09-16
86DuPont Consultant Network2013-09-162013-09-16
87Vacant positions 2013-09-162013-09-16
88Report of ERAS festival 20132013-09-022013-09-16
89Report of the guided tour of Stortinget2013-09-052013-09-05
90Table Tennis (gathering once a week)2012-09-112013-09-02
91Summary of the getting together for enslige innvandrere 2013-08-302013-08-30
92Samling 2: sommergrillfest (24.08 )2013-04-172013-08-27
93Samling 1: ERAS flerkulturellfestival (24/08)2013-04-172013-08-27
94Pictures of ERAS and Grillfest taken by Dr. YunYong Wang2013-08-272013-08-27
95Registration for Guided tour of Stortinget, 4th September2013-08-202013-08-27
96Page not found2012-09-082013-08-20
97Visiting the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), 4th September2013-08-202013-08-20
98Summer Barbeque Gathering of CCI, 24th August, 17.00pm2013-08-052013-08-13
99The 6th ERAS Multiple Culture Festival 2013, 24th August, 12.00-21.002013-08-052013-08-06
100Registration for get together for enslige innvandrere2013-07-182013-08-05
101Sosialmøteplass: get together for enslige innvandrere (10/08)2013-04-172013-07-19
102Face-to-face meeting with top Norwegian politicians (11/06)2013-05-032013-06-05
103Registration for "Face-to-face meeting with top Norwegian politicians"2013-05-032013-05-28
104Online chat2013-05-032013-05-27
105Online service2013-05-112013-05-27
106Living in Norway2010-06-012013-05-11
107About us2013-05-102013-05-11
108Competence Center for Immigrants (CCI)2013-05-102013-05-11
111Family immigration2013-05-102013-05-11
112Folk registration, payment, tax2013-05-102013-05-11
113Seminar 3: Face-to-face meeting with top Norwegian politicians (11/06)2013-04-172013-05-11
114Communities by Country2013-05-102013-05-10
115School and kindergarten system2013-05-102013-05-10
116Unemployment, sickness2013-05-102013-05-10
117Registration for Seminar on Job hunting strategies and labor law2013-04-172013-05-09
118Seminar 2: Søk jobben i Norge og Arbeidsmiljøloven (28/05)2013-04-172013-05-09
119Job hunting strategies and Norwegian Labor Law2013-04-172013-05-09
121Participants list2013-04-172013-05-09
123Laws and Rights2010-06-012013-05-06
124Job Search2010-06-212013-05-06
126IMDi project 20132013-03-062013-05-05
127Summary / Report2013-05-032013-05-03
128Scheduled Gathering in 20132013-04-042013-04-25
129Wonderful weekend trip to Rjukan2012-10-082013-04-22
130Weekend trip to Rjukan from Friday 5. October to Sunday 7. October2012-09-052013-04-22
131Ski Day 20112011-12-212013-04-22
132 Kompetansesenter for innvandrere2011-04-062013-04-22
133Seminar report: Aker Solutions in Norwegian Oil and Gas industry 2013-03-062013-04-20
134Seminar on Aker Solutions in Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry2013-03-062013-04-20
135Samling 4: Julefest for barn og unge og møte plass for foreldere, i samarbeid med CPN Juniorclub (07/12)2013-04-172013-04-17
136Projects of Working in Norway 2011-04-282013-04-17
137Fashion Shows (Gathering every two weeks)2013-04-042013-04-17
138Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling2013-04-172013-04-17
139Seminar 4: Innvandrerbarn og ungdom i Norge (10/11)2013-04-172013-04-17
140Seminar 1: norske næringsliv - Aker Solution in Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry (11/04)2013-03-062013-04-17
142Scheduled Gathering Check2013-04-052013-04-05
143CPN Choir 2013 Scheduled Gathering Calender2013-04-042013-04-04
144Seminar on Aker Solutions in Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry2013-03-072013-03-07
145Participants List2013-03-062013-03-07
146Table tennis tournament 2012 final results2013-01-042013-01-28
147Table tennis this Saturday (Jan. 5) 14:00-17:002013-01-042013-01-04
148About Table Tennis Tournament 20122012-12-132012-12-14
149Videos of CPN seminar "Job hunting in Norway", by Renjie Shao, Erik Leung2012-11-192012-11-19
150Prizes of 2012 CPN OXLO Photo Competition «Norge i innvandrernes øyne» announced2012-09-302012-11-12
151CPN seminar "Job hunting in Norway", by Renjie Shao, Erik Leung, November 15th 20122012-10-192012-11-07
152Successful IMDi seminar regarding how to raise immigrants' children2012-11-072012-11-07
153Lady Group - tournament 20122012-09-212012-10-11
154Gentlemen Group -Tournament 20122012-09-212012-10-11
155Registration for Rjukan Tour2012-09-172012-10-10
156Seminar "Strengthen your child's self-esteem" by Kristin G. Haug, October 31, 2012 17:002012-10-022012-10-08
157Table Tennis Tournament 20122012-09-212012-09-21
158Table Tennis Tournament 20122012-09-202012-09-21
159To collect and publish job announcements from various channels2012-09-202012-09-20
160Seminar 4: Norsk helsesystem, HMS og Arbeidsmiljøloven 2012-09-192012-09-19
161Samling: høstsopptur2012-09-082012-09-19
162Høstleir til Rjukan og besøker industriarbeidermuseum2012-09-082012-09-19
163Samling: Julefest for barn og unge og møte plass for foreldere, i samarbeid med CPN Juniorclub (tentativ dato)2012-09-192012-09-19
164Samling: skiturer i løpet av vinteren (avhenge snø) 2012-09-192012-09-19
165Seminar 4: Oppvekst av barn og ungdom i Norge (tentativ dato) 2012-09-192012-09-19
166Voting for 2012 CPN photo competition2012-09-112012-09-18
167Summary of mushroom tour2012-09-112012-09-12
168Welcome to ERAS Festival 20122012-06-052012-09-11
169Welcome to Join the CPN Getting Together Party 20122012-08-032012-09-11
170Sopptur 20122012-08-302012-09-11
171Summary and Picture of Sep. 82012-09-112012-09-11
172Summary and Picture of Sep. 22012-09-112012-09-11
173Summary and Picture of Aug. 262012-09-112012-09-11
174Pictures of Choir Activities2012-09-112012-09-11
175WIN Table Tennis2012-09-082012-09-11
176Job searching and everyday life in Norway2012-05-212012-09-08
177Submission deadline of OXLO Photo Competition Extended2012-08-282012-09-08
178OXLO Fotokonkurranse og utstilling “Norge i innvandrernes øyne”   2012-05-152012-09-08
179OXLO Photo Competition and Exhibition “Norway in immigrants' eyes” 2012-05-172012-09-08
180CPN Annual Conference2012-09-082012-09-08
181WIN Table Tennis2012-09-082012-09-08
182WIN Table Tennis2012-09-082012-09-08
183Sommer Grill2012-09-082012-09-08
184CPN Boarding meeting2012-05-242012-05-24
185Registration for Seminar on Job searching and everyday life in Norway, 30th May2012-03-272012-05-21
186OXLO Fotokonkurranse og utstilling “Norge i innvandrernes øyne”2012-05-152012-05-15
187IMDi Project Kick-off & Gathering successfully held2012-05-082012-05-10
1882012 IMDi Project Kick-off & Gathering2012-03-272012-04-17
189Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet (IMDi) Prosjekt 20122012-04-102012-04-10
191CPN Ski Day 20122012-02-092012-02-11
192Ski day 2012 at Tryvann Winter Park registration2010-09-032012-02-10
1932011 OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2012-01-182012-01-18
194Premiene annonsert for 2011 OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2012-01-132012-01-18
195CPN Seminar: "Introduction about Norwegian culture, history and society", "Employment law and labor protection" on Thursday Dec. 2nd. 5-8pm at ForskningsParken2010-11-172012-01-17
196CPN Ski Day on Sunday 19 Dec. at Tryvann2010-12-122012-01-17
197Project Kick-off & Gathering - Kompetansesenter for Innvandrere2011-04-282012-01-17
198A Successful Beginning of the Project! 2011-05-102012-01-17
199Another successful IMDi seminar about job hunting2011-06-142012-01-17
200Gathering No. 2 – picnic with nature adventure2010-09-072012-01-17
201Picture of ERAS Festival 20112011-06-152012-01-17
202IMDi seminar - Job hunting and seeking2011-05-192012-01-17
203CPN gathering to Blaafarveværket on Saturday 17. Sept. 20112011-08-242012-01-17
204IMDi Project Gathering – sopp tur 20112011-09-232012-01-17
205Successful social gathering in late summer -- Blaafarveværket visit2011-09-282012-01-17
206Å stemme på nettet - OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2011-11-282012-01-17
207Bordtenniskonkurranse - et CPN projekt sponset av IMDi2011-07-082012-01-17
208CPN Photo Competition 20112011-06-152012-01-17
209IMDi seminar: Om Norsk arbeidsmiljøloven By Guro Jansdotter Skåre, EMI photopgraph competition By Ji SU, and CPN annual meeting2011-10-092012-01-17
210Seminar about teenager immigrants on Nov 15th. 2011, 17:00-19:30 at Undervisningsrom 1 in UiO´s blibrary2011-11-022012-01-17
211OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2011-09-292012-01-17
212News index2010-06-012011-06-15
214Photos from the Ski Day2010-09-192010-12-19
215Project Description2010-05-312010-06-24
216Business culture2010-06-012010-06-21
218Contact us2010-06-012010-06-01